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Inspired by colors and cultural diversity during worldwide trips, Alegria Handmade jewelry are exclusive pieces that instill confidence, embraces unique personalities, and are fun and easy to wear

Alegria values ethnic diversity and, above all, originality. The path to a confident attitude guides the Brazilian artisan Alessandra Givens to create exclusive handmade jewelry with colorful beads and natural materials, resulting in an unexpected mix & match.

Each piece is unique and made from hand-picked, ethically sourced materials. 


Alegria means joy in Portuguese and also represents the brand’s mission. All the natural stones, wood, seeds and natural materials used in every piece reflect the colorful landscapes and unique cultures of all countries I visit. 
Each Alegria piece is a statement by itself, and the flexible and easy-to-use pieces are made to fit any lifestyle.

Each piece is exclusive due to its limited quantity.  


Alegria was born from a long-time passion of mine. It all started in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, when I was in the seventh grade, and a school friend and I would create handmade jewelry to sell to our friends. Being born into a family of “gypsies,” I moved around a lot and was exposed to many different cultures and traditions that inspired me. The jewelry I make has always been that one place where I poured all of my experiences to share my vision of the world. 

​In some moments of my life, I had to put this passion aside to give room to other passions, such as dancing, bodybuilding and traveling. They brought me so much inspiration that in 2018 I decided to express them in the best way I knew, and Alegria was born. 

I hope you receive the joy I feel with every piece that I create. 

Much love,

Ale Givens

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